the ultimate in elegant masterpieces from around the world individually crafted to capture the heart and imagination alike.

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Memorable Masterpieces

Our ethos is to secure and embody the essence of world-renowned icons and re-present them in stunningly impressive artwork that reflects the priceless original.

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Kurv is the inimitable embodiment of Australia, containing a rare portion of the UNESCO World-Heritage listed Sydney Opera House. Kurv’s custodians include Royalty, world leaders, visiting VIPs, corporate executives and astute collectors.

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Lasting Impressions

Each and every Kurv is embedded with a hand-selected cutting from the walls of the spectacular Sydney Opera House. Rescued during renovations, this unique red granite symbolises the deep and enduring emotional connection with Australia, and impresses even the most discerning connoisseur.

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Designed by Australian artist Paul Bailey and destined to become an invaluable modern classic, light emanates from Kurv’s flawlessly crafted crystal, bringing to life memories, connections and conversations in one astonishingly elegant package.

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Signature Statements

Individually coded, dated and secured by web registration, your Kurv is yours and yours alone. Complete with a Certificate of Authenticity, each signature piece is a limited edition that can be further personalised.

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Inspirational Acquisitions

If you aspire to own or gift the inspirational Kurv, you can request more information and a call back here. Global Icons respects the environment, our community and your privacy, and looks forward to delivering your unique, original piece of Australia.

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